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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

“Pray then in this way: ….”  Matthew 6:9

Note: We pray this day for all who were directly impacted by the tragedy of September 11, 2001, with the loss of those whom they loved. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

This is the way that Jesus introduces what we have come to know as “The Lord’s Prayer.”  These words are not part of the prayer, and so they’re often overlooked when the prayer is studied, but they hold an amazing truth that should not be missed.

“PRAY then….”  Not “IF you pray” or “HOW DARE you pray!” but simply, “PRAY.”  Jesus voices an expectation that we WILL pray. He assumes that prayer will be a regular part of our lives.

For some, this is a no-brainer – of course, they talk to God often.  Life would be empty and dull without frequent conversations with the One who shapes and directs their lives.

For others, it seems almost presumptuous to approach the Creator and Ruler of all that exists.  “Who am I?” they might think.  “Why should God listen to me?”

Jesus isn’t concerned about such questions.  As one who knows God thoroughly, he knows that God welcomes our prayers, even encourages them.  His teaching is not concerned about when we are to pray, because we may pray at any time and at all times, but it shows us how we may pray.

Have you experienced the power and comfort of regular prayer?  If not, what holds you back?  If it’s not knowing what to say, you can always use the model prayer that Jesus gives us in these verses.  It covers all the bases and helps us form the habit of drawing closer to God.


Welcoming God, fill us with confidence in prayer, reminding us that you are always there for us and that we may come to you without fear.  Help us build a habit of prayer, we pray.  Amen.

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