God is calling

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

“Jesus said to Simon, ‘put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.’” Luke 5:4

 I appreciate Simon’s honesty, “Hey Jesus, we fished all night and caught nothing. Do you really want me to throw the nets out again?” Yet, experiencing Jesus’ power which healed his mother-in-law the day before, Simon said to Jesus, “Yet, if you say so, I will let down my nets.” What would it have taken you to let down your nets again? Would it have taken a healing? Would it have taken a sure sign that Jesus wasn’t just wasting your time? Sometimes we are called to put forth energy and effort for the cause of Christ, even when we will not see the fruit of our labors. Just ask those involved in the messy efforts of compassion for those struggling with homelessness. Have you ever had a Simon moment, when you hear Christ’s call, but you just don’t have the energy or desire to respond? That is why I love the tenacity of those working tirelessly to keep some form of cold weather shelter open in our city this winter. I also marvel at the tenacity of the non-profit, Steps 4 Life, which Cindy McGuigan founded. As of Thursday night, at the Forum for Homelessness, Cindy shared that Steps 4 Life is currently housing 40 people, who are on the road to recovery from homelessness. I personally marvel at anyone who hears Christ’s call and responds even though the way forward may not be easy.  Yet, we all have Simon moments, when we hear a call, but just don’t have the energy to respond. May we not be afraid to put our nets out into the deep; the deep messiness of our world, where people are hungering for the love Christ incarnates through us. 


Love of all loves, you ask me to put my net out into the deep. Yet, I confess that fear often holds me back. I’m ready to love those whom I love. But it is tough to love those I do not understand. Give me the willingness to listen for your call on my heart and the courage to respond.  Amen.

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