Outreach Ministries

We are living the heart and mind of Christ, at the heart of the city, so we expect our faith community to be involved in making a difference in the City of Redlands and its surrounding communities. Here are some opportunities where you can get involved:

  • June 1, 2019 – Redlands Hunger Walk
    • Registration is underway for this year’s Hunger Walk., with the deadline being May 23, 2019.
    • Donation per team member is $25, because we will certainly have more than 10 walkers again this year!  
    • Sign up through the office, either with Judy or Pastor Cheryl. Please make check payable to FPC Redlands and don’t forget to share your T-shirt size.
    • https://www.redlandsfamilyservice.org/redlands-hunger-walk/
  • Redlands Family Service
    • We support Redlands Family Services throughout the year and they are always looking for hands on volunteers. If you are thinking about giving of your time, check out their volunteer opportunities. 
    • https://www.redlandsfamilyservice.org/volunteer/
  • Redlands Area Interfaith Council
    • We support Redlands Area Interfaith Council and its work towards creating a community that respects diversity and encourages understanding among faith communities. The Council meets the second Thursday of each month at 8:00 A.M. at the 1st United Methodist Church located at 1 Olive Street. 
    • If you have any questions about getting involved, talk with Pastor Cheryl or Al Polchow.
    • https://www.facebook.com/redlandsaic/
  • Forman Christian College
    • We support two university students annually who attend Forman Christian College, which was founded in 1864 by Dr. Charles W Forman, a Presbyterian missionary from the U.S.
    • The mission of Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is to impart, create and disseminate knowledge and to develop informed, ethical and responsible citizens who are prepared and committed to learn, lead and serve; persons who exemplify the FCCU motto, “By love serve one another”.
    • As a liberal arts institution where students of all backgrounds – men and women, Christian and Muslim – interact and learn together, Forman is successfully demonstrating a model of interfaith harmony to a nation and culture deeply divided along lines of religion, class and gender.
    • https://www.fccollege.edu.pk/