Punctuate with Praise

“Praise the Lord! How good it is to sing praises to our God; for God is gracious, and a song of praise is fitting.” [Psalm 135:1]

As a new day dawns, I always know that it will be greeted by birdsong. When I venture into my backyard to attend to the hungry Koi that fill my pond, I know that a variety of birds with punctuate the cool air with singing. Their voices remind me to punctuate my day with praise. Praise the Lord, for I have been given this new day. Praise the Lord, for the cool of the morning and the beauty of this dawn. Praise the Lord, for the warmth of the sun as it begins its trek across the sky. Praise the Lord, for the seed and soil, sun and water and those who labored so that I could enjoy the bounty of fresh berries for breakfast.  Praise the Lord, for listening to my chatter, for holding my dreams, for caring for my family and for providing for needs. Our morning litany of praise could last for days and maybe even longer. Yes, how good it is to sing praises to our God. As you begin this day, start a litany of praise, for it fitting for us to praise God.


Gracious and loving God, I praise you this morning. I give thanks for breath that animates my being this day. I give thanks for the renewal of rest and for the energy I have to enter this day. I give thanks for the love of my family. I join the chorus of creation saying, “Praise the Lord!” Amen.

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