Quick to Judge

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

“Let both of them grow together until harvest.” [Matthew 13:30]

Have you ever worked hard, only to have something or someone spoil it? Speaking in another parable, Jesus said to his disciples, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to someone who sowed good seed in his field.” Yet, “An enemy came and sowed weeds among the good seed.” As followers of Jesus, we work hard to sow good seed, but often something or someone spoils what we have done. Individually and communally, we have all probably experienced the sowing of bad seeds. Words of dissention destroy well-made plans. Egos take center stage and clamor to take credit where credit is not due. The enemy lurks and disrupts kingdom work. Yet, if we are too quick to judge the disruptive behavior, we may actually harm ourselves and others. The problem with quick judgments – rip out the weeds – is that we only tend to notice what is wrong in others and not in ourselves. Could it be that we are all part good seed and bad? Could it be that even our best intentions may have a shadow side? Wait until the harvest, says Jesus and leave the judging to God.


O God, I admit that judging others comes naturally to me. I can see all that is not right in someone else. Yet, I struggle to see my own shadow side. Help me to trust you to sort the wheat from the weeds in others and in myself. Amen.

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