Something New

For I am about to create new heavens and a new earth.” [Isaiah 65:17a]

Do you like new things? Maybe new clothes or a new car, but what about a whole new way of life? Are you ready for new heavens and a new earth or would you prefer to keep what we have? Given that most of us are creatures of habit, we are probably more likely to prefer what is, with minor tweaks to improve things.  It is hard to welcome wholesale change – like a whole new earth. This passage speaks to the renewal of creation through the transforming power of God.  How does this passage speak to you of renewal that may need to take place in your own life? What needs transformation?  How does this speak to our life together as a faith community? What needs transformation among us?  God is at work and at issue is whether or not we take notice, “For behold! I am creating newness,” says God.


Transforming God, I admit that I like the way things are more often than not.  Change is hard and I often do not welcome it. Open the eyes of my heart to welcome the newness that is needed to transform my life to be ever more like Christ. Amen.

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