March 2012

Message from the Pastor

Presbyterians Together 

For years we've been frustrated and annoyed on the day of the Bicycle Classic.  This year we have a chance to do something positive and avoid the problem altogether! 

Here's the plan:

On Sunday March 18, the congregation of Community Presbyterian Church will join us for worship.  Their pastor, (and your former member) Jan Opdyke will preach for us, and our combined choirs will sing.  Then on Sunday, March 25, (the day of the Bicycle Classic), we will worship with them, I will preach, and again our choirs will sing.

You will agree, I think, that having Community Church join us is a grand idea.  Worshipping with them will not only avoid the traffic problems, it will allow you to experience their delightful little church.  We WILL all fit; their sanctuary accommodated 112, years ago when I was installed as their pastor, and that's more than the combined average attendance of our churches. 

Our two churches have many common bonds.  First Church was helpful when Community (then El Divine Salvador) was formed.  Years ago, John Wickman worked half time as Associate here, and half- time as Pastor for them. Also, some of their members once worshipped here.  Our own Eve Hansen grew up in that church.

Please mark your calendars now.  Community is located just two blocks north of Colton Avenue at the corner of Union Ave. and Webster St.  You'll get to sleep in a little later on March 25th; their service begins at 10:00 A.M. 

                                                        Pastor Sylvia

Welcome to our new members: 

It is a pleasure to welcome Tab Ndipagbor and Elsye Curry Sumampow as members of our congregation.  Both are lifetime Presbyterians.  Tab grew up in Cameroon and attended Presbyterian schools.   He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Corona where he served as an elder. 

Elsye, too, was born a Presbyterian.  She grew up in Indonesia, and her brother is a Presbyterian minister there.  She comes to us by letter of transfer from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Ontario.